My little bundle of joy is now a chubby, active, crawling baby monster! He has really grown in leaps and bounds this past month. It’s hard to look at him now and imagine that 8lb 6oz Baby Blueberry we brought home. It’s even harder to imagine what our lives were like before he joined our little family.

Before we ever got pregnant, I wanted a girl. J wanted a girl. We even talked about our future “Linzi Marijane” any time we talked about children. And when we found out we were expecting, we of course were hoping for a girl. But, honestly, I just knew it was a boy. When we told our parents, my mom said “It’s a boy.” Still, J held out hope.

Since my husband was scheduled to be deployed for most of the pregnancy, we decided to find out the gender ASAP. We went to a place out in town around 15 weeks. Everyone sent us lots of pink vibes, and we were anxious to see who was right.

It was a boy.

Seven months later, I’m thrilled to have this little man in my life. He’s all over the place and into everything. Sure, there aren’t as many cute boy clothes, but who cares? He’d rather be naked anyway. He’s rough and tumble and mommy’s best friend. He is perfect.

It’s true. He has stolen my heart.